2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran/ODB-2 CAS:89331-94-2

Chemical Name: 2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran (ODB-2)

CAS No.: 89331-94-2

Assay: 99.5%min

Appearance: white to off-white powder


product description

2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran (ODB-2) More Details:


Appearancewhite to off-white powder
Purity %≥99.5
Melting point ℃≥183.0
insolubles %≤0.3
ash %≤0.2

2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran (ODB-2) Usage

As Thermosensitive paper color former, which is used for producing thermo-sensitive paper in the paper industry, for example, the Thermal carbon paper and the telefacsimile thermo-sensitive paper. 2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran (ODB-2) Packaging and Shipping

 25KG/fiber drum or 25KG carton box. Shipment by sea, by air, by courier.

 2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran (ODB-2) Storage:

In a dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sunshine, moisture, and high temperature.