Eugenol CAS No.:97-53-0

Chemical Name: Eugenol  

CAS No.: 97-53-0

Assay: ≧98% 

Appearance: Pale yellow or yellow liquid


product description

Eugenol More Details


Color and Appearance Pale yellow or yellow liquid 
Scent Aromas of cloves 
Density 1.063-1.068 
Acid Value ≤1.0 
Refractive Index 1.5400-1.5420 
Solubility1volume sample dissolve in 2 volume of ethanol 70%(v/v). 
Content ≥98.0% 

Eugenol Usage

Eugenol is a permitted edible flavor, mainly used to prepare mint, nut, spicy food flavors and tobacco flavorsUsed in the preparation of carnation flavors and isoeugenol and vanillin, etc., also used as pesticides and preservativesMainly used for antibacterial, lowering blood pressure

Eugenol Packaging and Shipping


Eugenol Storage:

Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine; avoid fire; avoid moisture.