Crystal violet lactone(CVL)CAS:1552-42-7

Chemical Name: crystal violet lactone/CVL

CAS No.: 1552-42-7

Assay: 96%min

Appearance: white of off-white powder



product description

crystal violet lactone/CVL More Details:


Appearancewhite of off-white powder
Assay, %≥96
Total colorless dye content, %≥97
Loss on drying, %≤0.2
Impurity , %≤0.1

crystal violet lactone/CVL Usage

Because the CVL can show a fast and High colority color forming, and a good solubility in solvents, widely used as color Former in the commercial invoice; used as an Important pressure sensitive functional dye in pressure sensitive papers industry.

  crystal violet lactone/CVL Packaging and Shipping

 25KG/bag, and as per buyer request.

 crystal violet lactone/CVL Storage;

In a dry and ventilated warehouse, avoid sunshine, moisture, and high temperature.