3-Chloroaniline CAS:108-42-9

Chemical Name: 3-Chloroaniline

CAS No: 108-42-9

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: Colorless liquid to light amber liquid.


product description

3-Chloroaniline More Details


AppearanceColorless liquid to light amber liquid
Purity %≥99.0
Melting point (℃)-10
Boiling point (℃)230.5
Vapor pressure (kPa)0.13(63.5℃)
Log of octanol/water partition coefficient1.88

3-Chloroaniline Usage

Used for Intermediates, drugs, insecticides and pesticide chemicals used as azo dyes and pigments.

3-Chloroaniline Packaging and Shipping

220kg/ steel drum,240kg/steel drum or as per buyer requirement

3-Chloroaniline Storage;

Store in a ventilated low-temperature dry warehouse;Store separately with oxidant, acid and food additive.