Fluconazole CAS: 86386-73-4

White or almost white crystalline powder.Used as broad-spectrum

 antifungal medicines.


product description

Descriptionwhite or off white crystalline powder
Clarity and color of solutionsA 5% solution in methanol is clear and colorless
  IdentificationBY IRThe Infra-red absorption spectrum obtained from the sample should be concordant with   spectrum obtained with that Fluconazole RS/WS.
By UVThe UV absorption spectra of the sample solution shows absorption maxima at about 266nm and 261nm
Loss on drying(% w/w)≤0.5
Residue on ignition(% w/w)≤0.1
Iron( ppm)≤0.002
Organic impurities(%) procedure-1Any impurity with RRT about 0.6≤1.0
Related compound A≤0.2
Related compound B≤0.1
Related compound C≤0.2
Individual impurities≤0.1
Total unknown impurities≤0.3
Total impurities≤1.5
Assay by potentiometry(%w/w)   (on dried basis)98%-102.0%
Residual solvents by GC(ppm)Methanol≤3000
Isopropyl alcohol≤5000
Ethyl acetate≤5000

Package: 25KG/drum, or as buyer request.    

Storage: in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine and moisture.