Proteinase K CAS :39450-01-6

Chemical Name: Proteinase K  

CAS No.: 39450-01-6

Assay: ≧95% 

Appearance: White powder


product description

Proteinase K More Details


AppearanceWhite to almost white powder
Activity, u/mg30.0-45.0
DNAse activityNone detedted
DNAse activityNone detedted
Protein purity%≧90.0

Proteinase K Usage

 Proteinase K is often used in the field of molecular biology. When preparing nucleic acids, proteinase K can remove contaminants and quickly inactivate nucleases to prevent them from degrading target products DNA and RNA2. The application of proteinase K is mainly to remove DNase and RNase during nucleic acid extraction, and can remove histones bound to the genome, and can also be used for the inactivation of alkaline phosphatase.

Proteinase K  Packaging and Shipping 

10g/bottle, 100g/bottle, or as your request

Proteinase K Storage: 

Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine; avoid fire; avoid moisture.