Nutmeg oil CAS 8008-45-5

Chemical Name:Nutmeg oil

CAS No.: 8008-45-5

Assay: ≥99.0%

Appearance: Colorless or yellowish liquid


product description

Nutmeg oil CAS 8008-45-5 More Details


CharacterColorless or pale yellowish liquid
scentAroma of fresh,sweet,lukewarm and slight spicy
Optical Rotation+3°~+21°
Refractive Index1.4150-1.5950
SolubilityVolume sample to 4 volume of ethanol 90%(v/v), obtaining a settled soution

Nutmeg oil CAS 8008-45-5 Usage

Nutmeg oil is used medicinally to invigorate the stomach and expel wind. It is often used in toothpaste, tobacco consumption and cosmetics essence. 

Nutmeg oil CAS 8008-45-5 Packaging and Shipping:

25kgs/ Drum or as required by buyer.

Nutmeg oil CAS 8008-45-5 Storage:

Store in a cool, ventilated place, protect from sun, heat and moisture.Storage and transportation according to general chemical regulations.