2-Picolinic acid CAS 98-98-6

Chemical Name: 2-Picolinic acid

CAS No.: 98-98-6

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: A colorlike crystalline or lumpy powder


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2-Picolinic acid  More Details


PropertiesA colorlike crystalline or lumpy powder
Melting point135-139℃

2-Picolinic acid  Usage    

2-picolinic acid is an important intermediate in organic synthesis, which is widely used in the preparation of Carbocaine and nerve drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in nerve inhibition and local anesthesia; 2-picolinic acid is an essential raw material for the synthesis of various 2-chemical Book picolinic acid salts, among which chromium 2-picolinate is an important health care drug for human beings, which is widely used in human body chromium supplements and feed additives 2-picolinic acid can also be used to prepare herbicides.

2-Picolinic acid  Packaging and Shipping:

25kgs/Bag or Drum or as required by buyer. 

2-Picolinic acid  Storage:

Store in a cool, ventilated place, protect from sun, heat and moisture.Storage and transportation according to general chemical regulations.