p-Anisaldehyde CAS No.:123-11-5

Chemical Name: p-Anisaldehyde

CAS No.: 123-11-5   

Assay: ≥99%

Appearance: Clear colorless to yellow liquid


product description

p-Anisaldehyde More Details

AppearanceClear colorless to yellow liquid
Melting point-1 °C
Boiling point248°C
Flash point228°F

p-Anisaldehyde Usage:

It is the main spice of hawthorn flower flavor. It can also be used in heavy wood flavors such as sandalwood. Also used in soap flavor. Use it to sweeten foods and harmonize flavors.

p-Anisaldehyde Packaging and Shipping:

25kg/ drum or as per buyer requirement. 

p-Anisaldehyde Storage:

Ventilated and dry; separate from alkalis, oxidisers, organic materials and flammable materials