DL-Limonene / (±)-Limonene CAS No.: 138-86-3

Chemical Name: DL-Limonene / (±)-LiMonene

CAS No.: 138-86-3

Assay: ≥95.0% 

Appearance: Colorless or pale yellowish clear liquid.


product description

DL-Limonene / (±)-Limonene More Details


AppearanceColorless or pale yellowish clear liquid.
Refractive Index1.420—1.450
Initial Boiling Point≥150.0
Boiling Range≥95%

DL-Limonene / (±)-Limonene Usage:

Used as raw materials for synthetic rubber, spices, and solvents

DL-Limonene / (±)-Limonene Packaging and Shipping:

25KG/drum or  175kg/drum or as per buyer requirement 

DL-Limonene / (±)-Limonene Storage:

Storage in ventilated low temperature dry warehouse; separately from oxidants, Should not be stored for a long time to prevent polymerization.