2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone CAS No.: 121872-94-4

Chemical Name: 2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone

CAS No.: 121872-94-4

Assay: ≥99.0%    

Appearance: Colorless to Light yellow liquid  


product description

2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone  More Details:

molecular formulaC8H5ClF2O
molecular weight190.57
Boiling  point211.4±35.0℃

2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone  Usage:

It is used as pharmaceutical intermediate and farm chemical intermediates; also used for other organic synthesis.

2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone  Packaging and Shipping:

40KG/drum or 300KG/drum .

2'-Chloro-4',5'-difluoroacetophenone  Storage:

Keep container sealed and store in an ventilated, low temperature, dry warehouse, separate from foods and oxidizing agents.