5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene CAS No.: 138526-69-9

Chemical Name: 5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene

CAS No.:138526-69-9

Assay: ≥99.5%      

Appearance:colorless clear liquid


product description

5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene  More Details:

molecular formula138526-69-9
molecular weight210.98
Boiling  point47-49 °C
Melting  point<-20°C
Density1.767 g/cm3
Flash point113°C
Refractive index1.482

5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene  Usage:

3,4,5-Trifluorobromobenzene is used as intermediate for pharmaceuticals,farm chemicals and Liquid crystal materials.

5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene  Packaging and Shipping:

40KG/drum or 300KG/drum .

5-Bromo-1,2,3-trifluorobenzene  Storage:

Keep container sealed and store in an ventilated, low temperature, dry warehouse, separate from foods and oxidizing agents.