Titanium tetrachloride CAS No.: 7550-45-0

Chemical Name: Titanium tetrachloride

CAS No.: 7550-45-0

Assay: ≥99.96% 

Appearance: Light yellow Solution


product description

Titanium tetrachloride More Details

AppearanceLight yellow Solution
Purity(%)99.96 (GC)
FeCl3 (%)0.00059

Titanium tetrachloride Usage:

It is the main raw material for the production of titanium sponge and titanium dioxide by chlorination. Used as an important component of catalysts for the polymerisation of ethylene. It is used in the manufacture of pigments and titanium organic compounds and as a smoke-screening agent for defence purposes. It is also a good solvent for dissolving synthetic resins, rubber, plastics and many other organic substances.

Titanium tetrachloride Packaging and Shipping:

IBC drum or as per buyer requirement. 

Titanium tetrachloride Storage:

Ventilated and dry; separate from alkalis, oxidisers, organic materials and flammable materials