Tetrabutyl titanate CAS No.: 5593-70-4

Chemical Name: Tetrabutyl titanate

CAS No.: 5593-70-4

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: Clear liquid


product description

Tetrabutyl titanate More Details:

AppearanceClear liquid
Ti, WT%14.01
Cl, ppm37
Color, APHA30

Tetrabutyl titanate Usage:

For transesterification, it can be used as modifier of high strength polyester paint, additive of high temperature resistant paint, medical adhesive, cross-linking agent and condensation reaction catalyst.

Tetrabutyl titanate Packaging and Shipping:

200KG/drum or as per buyer requirement. 

Tetrabutyl titanate Storage:

Keep container sealed and store in an ventilated, low temperature, dry warehouse, separate from foods and oxidizing agents.