What are Biochemical Products?

All products obtained through biochemical reactions are Biochemical Products. Biochemical Products include the microorganism itself; secondary metabolic products produced by the microorganism; various enzymes produced by the microorganism. Biochemical Products are the use of enzymes to catalyze various substrates to convert them into various useful products; including the use of microbial fermentation to convert substrates into useful products.


Our portfolio of high-quality coenzymes reliably promotes enzyme function and catalyzes reactions for your research applications.

Amino Acids

We offer a comprehensive range of high-purity amino acids and derivatives that are important for metabolomic pathways and protein structures to meet your research needs.

Natural Products

Our natural product portfolio uses phytochemical compounds isolated and purified from plant sources to advance your research.

Biological Buffers

Our broad portfolio of high-purity biological buffers comes in a variety of formulations and packaging formats to provide excellent solution stability and pH control throughout your bioprocess workflow applications.

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