Trypsin CAS:9002-07-7

Chemical Name: Trypsin

CAS No: 9002-07-7

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: White crystalline powder


product description

Trypsin More Details


IdentificationWhite crystalline powder
Most suitable PH value7.5-8.5
Vital index≥2500 USP u/mg
Loss on drying≤4.8%
Molecular weight23300~23800

Trypsin Usage

It is used in biochemical research, structural analysis and sequence study of proteins, digestion and decomposition of proteins, and is often used in clinical treatment of various inflammation, ulcers, trauma, hematoma, edema, tinea scabies and other skin diseases, and can also be used in treatment of emphysema, bronchitis and other diseases.

Trypsin Packaging and Shipping

25kg/ drum,25kg/bag or as per buyer requirement. 

Trypsin Storage;Stored at 2-8℃