What are pharmaceutical intermediates?

Pharmaceutical intermediates are drugs used as APIs for the production of APIs, chemical compounds widely used in the mass production of various drugs, and can also refer to raw materials produced during the synthesis of APIs, which must undergo further molecular changes or processing to become APIs, and are often used in the research and development of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.

Qinmu manufactures pharmaceutical intermediates for global pharmaceutical companies and is committed to satisfying our customers through our products and services. We specialize in producing high quality and low-cost pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, synthesis intermediates, and some materials for the dye industry, in addition, we offer OEM (custom) manufacturing of intermediates, if you can't find materials from around the world, please let us know and we will research and produce them in our labs equipped with high technology.

Our products can be delivered in bulk and packaged according to your requirements.

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