Diethyl malonate CAS No.: 105-53-3

Chemical Name: Diethyl malonate

CAS No.: 105-53-3

Assay: ≥99.5%

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid 


product description

Diethyl malonate More Details


AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
Purity (GC)≥99.50%
Chromaticity (APHA)≤20
Water content≤0.05%

Diethyl malonate Usage:

Diethyl malonate is an important fine chemical raw material and organic synthesis intermediate, widely used in a variety of chemical production fields, including food, medicine, pesticide, industrial dyes, liquid crystal materials and other industries.

Diethyl malonate Packaging and Shipping:

200KG/drum or as per buyer requirements  

Diethyl malonate Storage:

Store in a ventilated, cool, dry warehouse; Keep the container closed, away from heat source and open fire, and Separate store with strong oxidant, food additives.