2-Fluorophenol CAS No.:367-12-4

Chemical Name:2-Fluorophenol 

 CAS No.: 367-12-4

 Assay: ≥99%

Appearance:Colorless to light brown transparent liquid


product description

2-Fluorophenol More Details

AppearanceColorless to light brown transparent liquid
molecular formulaC6H5FO
molecular weight112.1
Density1.256 g/mL
Boiling point171-172°C
Flash point116°F

2-Fluorophenol Usage:

Used as pharmaceutical intermediate and other organic synthetic intermediates

2-Fluorophenol Packaging and Shipping:

25kg/ drum or as per buyer requirement. 

2-Fluorophenol Storage:

Ventilated and dry; separate from alkalis, oxidisers, organic materials and flammable materials