D-Biotin CAS No.: 58-85-5

Chemical Name: D-Biotin

CAS No.: 58-85-5

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: White or off white crystal


product description

D-Biotin More Details:

AppearanceWhite or off white crystal
Loss on drying0.05%
Specific rotation+90.9°
Heavy Metals<0.001%
Sulphated ash0.1%
Melting point230~232℃

D-Biotin Usage:

As a feed additive, it is mainly used for poultry and sow feed.And It can be used as a processing aid in the food industry. This product has physiological functions such as preventing skin diseases and promoting lipid metabolism.

D-Biotin Packaging and Shipping:

25KG/drum or as per buyer requirement. 

D-Biotin Storage:

Store at a temperature of -20°C, keep the container sealed, and store in a ventilated, low-temperature, and dry warehouse.