What is the Difference Between Hydrazine and Carbohydrazide?

Jun. 15, 2022

The main difference between hydrazine and carbohydrazide is that hydrazine contains an H2N-NH2 structure, whereas carbonyls contain two hydrazine molecules attached to a single carbonyl carbon centre Hydrazine and carbonyls are compounds containing H2N-NH2 units. One unit of this chemical structure is called hydrazine, while carbonyls have two structures attached to a carbonyl carbon centre.


1. What is hydrazine?

2. What is carbonyl hydrazine?

3. Difference Between Hydrazine and Carbohydrazide

Carbonyl hydrazide

Carbonyl hydrazide

What is hydrazine?

Hydrazine is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula N2H4. we can name it a simple hydride which is a colourless and flammable liquid with an ammonia odour. This compound is highly toxic and we should handle this substance with care. Its toxicity is reduced if it is used in a solution, such as hydrazine hydrate.

Hydrazine is mainly used as a blowing agent, which is important in the preparation of polymer foams. In addition, it is used as a polymerisation catalyst, a precursor for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals and as a long-term storable propellant for spacecraft propulsion.

Hydrazine is produced in a number of different ways, including through the oxidation of ammonia by oxyaziridine in peroxides, chloride-based oxidation, etc. When considering the reaction of hydrazine, it exhibits acid-base behaviour, in which hydrazine can form monohydrates of greater density than the In its anhydrous form, it has basic (base) properties comparable to those of ammonia. In addition, hydrazine can undergo redox reactions as it can act as a reducing agent, producing by-products usually of nitrogen and water.

What is carbonyl hydrazine?

Carbohydrazide CAS:497-18-7, also known as Carbodihydrazide, is a white, water-soluble solid that decomposes at a melting point of about 153°C. Carbonyl hydrazide is a chemical compound with the formula OC(N 2 ħ 3)2. It is a white, water-soluble solid. It decomposes on melting. Many carbazides are known in which one or more NH groups are substituted with other substituents. They are widely found in pharmaceuticals, herbicides, plant growth regulators and dyes.

Carbohydrazide CAS:497-18-7

 Carbohydrazide CAS:497-18-7

Carbonyl hydrazide is used as a deaerating agent in boiler water treatment. Carbonyl hydrazide reacts with oxygen to form water, nitrogen and urea. It is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, herbicides, rubber, plant growth regulators, dyestuffs etc.

Carbonyl hydrazine is mainly used as an oxygen scrubber in water treatment systems. It is also added for corrosion control. It is also used as a curing agent for epoxy-like resins, to stabilise soaps, as a reagent in organic synthesis and to develop munitions propellants. It is a safer alternative to hydrazine. Carbonyl hydrazide reacts with oxygen at low temperatures and pressures and the reaction products are volatile. Like hydrazine, carbonyl hydrazide will also passivate metal surfaces.

Hydrazine VS Carbonylhydrazine

Hydrazine and carbonyls are nitrogen-containing compounds. The main difference between hydrazine and carbonyls is that hydrazine contains the H2N-NH2 structure, whereas carbonyls contain two hydrazine molecules attached to a single carbonyl carbon centre. Furthermore, we can classify hydrazine as an inorganic compound and carbonyl hydrazide as an organic compound because although carbonyl hydrazide contains a carbonyl carbon centre, there are no carbon atoms in the hydrazine molecule.

In addition, we can produce hydrazine by oxaziridine oxidation of ammonia in peroxides, chloride-based oxidation, etc. and by treating urea with hydrazine to produce carbonyl hydrazine.

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