Lithium tetraborate CAS No.:12007-60-2

Chemical Name: Lithium tetraborate

CAS No.: 12007-60-2

Assay: ≥99.99% 

Appearance: White crystalline


product description

Lithium tetraborate More Details


Li2B4O7 %≥99.99
Al %≤0.0005
Ca %≤0.001
Cu %≤0.0005
Fe %≤0.0005
K %≤0.0005
Mg %≤0.0005
Na %≤0.0005
Pb %≤0.0002
P %≤0.0002
Si %≤0.001
S %≤0.001
Bulk density g/cm30.6-0.8
LOI(650℃1h) %≤0.4

Lithium tetraborate Usage

Used for metal smelting, enamel manufacturing and X-ray fluorescence analysis. 

Lithium tetraborate Packaging and Shipping

25KG/drum or as per buyer requirement. 

Lithium tetraborate Storage: 

Store in cool, ventilated warehouse, keep container sealed, store temperature should not exceed 37°C. It should be stored separately from oxidizer and edible chemicals, and must not be mixed.