Sodium bromide CAS No.:7647-15-6

Chemical Name: Sodium bromide

CAS No.: 7647-15-6

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: White flake crystal


product description

Sodium bromide More Details


   Item Specification
AppearanceWhite solid
Content (%)≥98.5
Water content (%)≤1.0
 Chloride (Cl-) (%)≤1.5
Bromate (BrO3 -)No reaction
Sulfate (SO42-) (%)≤0.1
PH (50g/l)5.5—10.5
Iodide (I-)Qualified

Sodium bromide Usage  

 Photosensitive industry for the preparation of film photosensitive liquid.In medicine, it is used in the production of diuretics and sedatives.Used in the perfume industry to produce synthetic flavors.Used as brominating agent in printing and dyeing industry.In addition, it is also used in organic synthesis and other aspects.                     

Sodium bromide Packaging and Shipping:

25kg/bag or drum, packed in plastic woven bags or as required by buyer 

Sodium bromide Storage:

Ventilated low temperature drying warehouse; Separate storage and transportation of food materials