Stability: Sepiapterin is slightly hygroscopic and is very sensitive to light. It reacts with oxygen, especially in solution. Sepiapterin is less sensitive to oxygen than tetrahydrobiopterin. Dry at ,–200C , it can be stored for several years.

 Storage:  the powder should be store at –200C or colder. Solutions of sepiapterin should be made with oxygen free water and frozen as soon as possible.Sepiapterin can be transported without the use of dry ice. In tightly closed dark glass vials protected from light , it is stable at ambient temperatures for several weeks. 

Uses:Sepiapterin is often used in biological experiments. Exogenously administered sepiapterin is efficiently incorporated into cells where it is reduced to tetrahydrobiopterin.Sepiapterin is an important standard for analytical work.  

Safety information: Sepiapterin is known to be safe and there are no special precautions required in handling this product.


product description

Test ItemSpecification  
HPLC conditions:  Column: Waters Spherisorb S5 ODS1Eluant: 10mM Na2HPO4 PH 6-methanol, (4:1) Flow rate: 1ml/minWavelength: 254nm 
TLC conditions: Stationary phase: celluloseEluant: water
UV:We do not perform uv analysis but the following data has been published:UV lambda max (log epsilon , 0.1N HCl ):409 (3.79). 271 (3.87). 
PurityHPLC   >98.0%TLC    one yellow spot at 366nm

Package: 1g,5g,10g,1kg..or according to requirements.

Storage: in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine and moisture.