Diphenylacetonitrile CAS: 86-29-3

Chemical Name: Diphenylacetonitrile


USAF kf-13;usafkf-13;Benzeneacetonitrile, alpha-phenyl-; 

Production capacity: 500mt/Year

CAS No.: 86-29-3

Molecular formula: C14H11N

EINECS Number: 201-662-5

Boiling point: 181 °C12 mm Hg(lit.)

Structural Formula:Diphenylacetonitrile CAS: 86-29-3

Purity: 99%min or according to requirements.


product description

Diphenylacetonitrile Details:

Diphenylacetonitrile is mainly used as an intermediate in the manufacture of APIs for the treatment of respiratory stimulants. Diphenylacetonitrile (CAS No. 86-29-3) is used in the production of APIs, such as aminopentamidine sulfate, diphenoxylate, diphenylacetaldehyde, doxapram, loperamide, methadone.


AppearanceWhite Crystalline powder
IdentificationH-NMR corresponds to the structure
Loss on drying≤0.5%
Melting point73~76℃

Diphenylacetonitrile Usage:

It is white crystalline powder, soluble in ethanol and ether. In agrochemicals: can be used to produce herbicide, to kill the young grass of the grass family in the lawn.Industrial field: to synthesize the Isocyanic Acid, which further to produce UV coatings, PU paintings, Transparent elastomer and adhesives; also used in epoxy resin.Pharmaceutical field: Used as the synthetic and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Diphenylacetonitrile Packaging and Shipping:

Package:25kg/drum or as per buyer requirementShipping: shipping as non-dangerous goods (by both sea and air delivery)

Diphenylacetonitrile Storage:

Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine; avoid fire; avoid moisture.Please note that: 

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Diphenylacetonitrile CAS: 86-29-3