Vanillin CAS : 121-33-5

Chemical Name: Vanillin

CAS No.: 121-33-5

Assay: ≥99.5% 

Appearance: White to pale yellow Crystal or powder


product description

Vanillin More Details


AppearanceWhite to pale yellow Crystal or powder
 Vanillin Assay(Dry) %≥99.50
OdorHas a sweet,milk and vanilla aroma
Melting point ℃81.0-83.0
Heavy metal (As Pb) mg/kg≤10.0
Arsenic As mg/kg≤3.0
Loss on drying %≤0.50
Solubility(25℃)1g sample is completely dissolved in 3ml 70% or 2ml 95% ethanol

Vanillin Usage:

Used as food flavor, daily chemical flavor, pharmaceutical intermediate, also can be used as the standard reagent for organic analysis.

Vanillin Packaging and Shipping:

25KG/drum or as per buyer requirement

 Vanillin Storage:

 Store in a cool, dry, protected area away from food, beverages and animal feed. Lined with polythene bag and overlaid with tin package. Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse.