R-134a: 811-97-2

Refrigerants for refrigerators, refrigerators and automotive air conditioning systems, and aerosol sprays for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics,

Animal antibiotics, mainly used in animal colibacillosis, cholera, dysentery, chronic respiratory infections and other diseases.


product description


Item· MethodResults
PurityAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 999.91%(m/m)
Isomer contentAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 90.05%(m/m)
AcidAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 1Not Detect mg/kg
ChlorideAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 4pass
Non-condensable gasesAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 50.19%(v/v)
WaterAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 29mg/kg
High boiling residueAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 3<0.01%(v/v)
Solid particulatesAHRI700-2017 Appendix C Part 3pass

   Package: 13.6kg/Steel cylinder or according  to clients' requirements. 

   Storage: in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine; avoid fire; avoid moisture.