N-Methylformamide CAS 123-39-7

Chemical Name: N-Methylformamide

CAS No.: 123-39-7

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid


product description

N-Methylformamide More Details

Appearance Clear colorless liquid,No visible impurity
Hazen (Pt-Co)≤5
Water ≤0.05%
Monomethylamine ≤0.005%
Methanol ≤0.005%
NMF ≥99.7%
Fe ≤20 μg/kg

N-Methylformamide Usage    N-methylformamide is an important organic chemical raw material and intermediate, a good performance organic solvent, used in the synthesis of efficient and low-toxic monomethacrylamide, bimethacrylamide, etc. It can be used as a reaction solvent and refining solvent for organic synthesis, but also widely used in medicine, dyes, spices and electrolysis, electroplating industry, etc.     N-Methylformamide Packaging and Shipping:200kgs/Drum, 1000kgs/IBC Drum or as required by buyer. N-Methylformamide Storage:Pack complete, pack lightly; store in a ventilated room, away from open flames and high temperatures, separate from oxidizers and acids