Dicyandiamide CAS No.:461-58-5

Chemical Name:Dicyandiamide

CAS No.: 461-58-5

Assay: ≧99%

Appearance: white powder or white crystalline


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Dicyandiamide More Details


Appearancewhite powder or white crystalline
Impurity precipitatiing testAcceptable
Ash Content0.03%
Calcium content0.0128%

Dicyandiamide Usage

  1. It is the raw material of melamine and the intermediate for the synthesis of medicines, pesticides and dyes

  2. Used in organic synthesis and resin synthesis, also used as a vulcanization accelerator and hardener

  3. It is the raw material for the production of melamine. It is also an intermediate of medicines and dyes. In medicine, it is used to prepare guanidine nitrate and sulfa drugs. It can also be used to prepare thiourea, guanidine, nitrocellulose stabilizers, rubber vulcanization accelerators, steel surface hardeners, dye fixing agents, artificial leather fillers and adhesives.

  4. As a raw material for guanidine salts and melamines. By reacting dicyandiamide with acid, various guanidine salts can be produced. Benzo melamine diamine obtained by the reaction of dicyandiamide and phenyl nitrile is an intermediate for coatings, laminates, and molding powders.

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Dicyandiamide Storage;

Stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine; avoid fire; avoid moisture.