Adipic acid CAS No.: 124-04-9

Chemical Name: Adipic acid

CAS No.: 124-04-9

Assay: ≥99.5% 

Appearance: White crystalline powder


product description

Adipic acid More Details


AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Content w/%≥99.5
Melting point℃151-154 ℃
Moisture %≤0.2
Ash content (mg/kg)≤4
Fe (mg/kg)≤0.4

Adipic acid Usage:

Mainly used in the production of nylon fiber and engineering plastics.It is also widely used in the production of polyurethane and other esters, most of which are used to produce PU, sole slurry, polyurethane foam and so on, and a small part is used as advanced lubricating oil.

Adipic acid Packaging and Shipping:

25KG paper-plastic composite bag or 500KG composite container bag or 1000kg composite container bag, or according to customer requirements packaging. 

Adipic acid Storage:

Store in a cool ventilated warehouse.Keep away from open flame, high temperature, separate from oxidizer.Handling should be carried lightly to prevent damage to packaging and containers.