4-Methylstyrene CAS No.: 622-97-9

Chemical Name: 4-Methylstyrene

CAS No.: 622-97-9

Assay: ≥99.0% 

Appearance: Colorless liquid


product description

4-Methylstyrene More Details:


AppearanceClear and transparent
3-METHYLSTYRENE+4-Methylstyrene(m/m), %≥99.63
4-Methylstyrene, %≥97.83
Chroma(Pt-co), ≤<5
TBC content, mg/kg21

4-Methylstyrene Usage:

Mainly used as polymer monomers and in the manufacturing of coatings.

4-Methylstyrene Packaging and Shipping:

160kg/drum or as per buyer requirement.

4-Methylstyrene Storage:

Ventilation and low-temperature drying of the warehouse; Light loading and unloading, stored separately from oxidants and acids; Not easy to store for a long time to prevent aggregation.