Nifuroxazide CAS:965-52-6

Prevention and treatment of intestinal or urinary system diseases caused by Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella (including riemannia), aerogenic bacteria, proteus, necrotizing bacteria and Staphylococcus. It can effectively prevent diarrhea and promote animal feeding.


product description

AppearanceBright yellow crystalline powder
SolubilityPractically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and practically insoluble in methylene chloride
Loss on drying0.5% Max
Heavy metals(Pb)0.002% Max
Sulphated ash0.1% Max
Identification by IRThe IR Spectrum confirms with the reference spectrum
Related substanceImpurity A ≤0.005%Impurity B ≤0.3%Impurity C ≤0.3%Impurity D ≤0.3%Impurity E ≤0.3%Signal unspecified impurities ≤0.1%Total impurities other than E ≤0.5%Total ≤0.5%Disregard limit ≤0.05%
UV.AbsorptionThe specific absorption at about 367nm is between 940-1000
Residual solventsMethanol  ≤0.3%Alcohol ≤0.5%
Acetic acid  ≤0.5%NM  ≤0.05%
Assay (On dried)98.5~101.5%

Package: 25KG/drum or according to clients' requirements.

Storage: in a dry and ventilated warehouse; keep away from sunshine and moisture.